10 Ways To Increase your Facebook Security


Facebook Security

Like million other users, you may also use facebook on a daily basis. Chat with friends, talk about your relationship, share important stuffs and if you use facebook for advertising you have probably saved your credit card details. But not many users are aware of facebook security.

If a hacker gets hands on your Facebook account, he will be able to read all your messages and get valuable information which is why you shouldn’t be careless about your facebook account’s security.

Hackers are discovering new methods everyday on how they can hack a facebook account and you might be their victim someday. To prevent that, Facebook has a lot of security features that will keep your account secure.

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Here are 10 ways how you can increase your facebook security and secure your facebook account.

1. Create A Strong Password:

Unique Password for facebook securityCreating the right password will help make sure you keep other people out from easily guessing it. Make sure your password is unique, but memorable enough that you don’t forget it. For example: creating your password after your pets, address, favorite team or your favorite player is a bad idea.

Here’s a nice trick to create a strong password. Think of a sentence and make the first letters of each words in that sentence your password. Say – ” I love bacon and cheese with coke” – Now your password should be something like “ILBACWC“. Now, to make it stronger what I do is capitalize the vowels and add numbers and some characters. I am gonna add 2016 since this is the year 2016 and an exclamation mark. So the final password will be – IlbAcwc2016! . Now that is one strong password which certainly no one can guess.

Don’t use a password that you use on other sites because if one site gets hacked and your password is stolen, hackers will often try it on other sites too.

Don’t share your password with anyone. Not even with your closest friend or your girlfriend/boyfriend. I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t trust them but their negligence or simple mistake can get your account hacked! If you think someone else has it, you should change it.

You can change your password by visiting the settings page on your facebook account.


2. Register and Verify your mobile.

Confirming your mobile number is one of many ways to enhance your facebook security. By registering your mobile number, you can reset your passwords if you have forgotten it. Get Log in notification or login approval code.

To add your mobile number

  1. Go to Account Settings > Mobile and click on Add a Phone.
  2. Select your country and set the mobile carrier before clicking Next.
  3. Now you will be given an instruction to send an SMS to the given number. Follow the instructions to get a code via SMS, and then enter the code into the column.

Now your mobile phone is registered with Facebook, and when the need arises, this connection will be useful to reactivate your Facebook account.

3. Enable Login Alert.

Facebook has a Login Alert tool which if you enable will warn you everytime your account is logged in from a new computer or a mobile phone. So when someone who has hacked your account tries to log into your account, you’ll get notified.

To turn on login alerts:

  1. Go to your Facebook Security Settings
  2. Click the Login Alerts section
  3. Choose the type of alert (ex: email alerts) you’d like to receive and click Save Changes.


4. Enable Login Approval.

When you turn on login approvals, Facebook will send you a code to your phone everytime someone tries to log in to your facebook account from a new computer, browser or a mobile phone. Once you enter the code, only then will you facebook account be accessible.

Note: You need to have a mobile phone number listed on your account to turn on login approvals.

This way even if the hacker hacks your password, he or she won’t be able to access your account. Definitely a tool you should use!

Now, entering a code everytime you want to login might be pretty annoying. Specially if you browse facebook frequently and from a single PC, browser or mobile. To avoid this, you can save your browser or mobile on facebook so that facebook recognizes it’s you. This way you won’t have to enter a code when you log in from any of your recognized devices or browsers.

saved browsers

To turn on login approvals:

  1. Go to your Facebook Security Settings
  2. Click the Login Approvals section
  3. Check the box and click Save Changes


A popup window will appear with descriptions of login approvals, click on the Get Started to continue.

login approval get started

If you have already registered your mobile number on facebook, then you will receive a code via SMS. Enter that code in the given box and click Continue.


At last, you’ll need to enter your password for security reason. Enter the password and click on Submit.


That’s it. Now you’ll receive a login approval everytime you ( or someone ) try to login to your facebook account from a new browse or mobile app.

5. Spam

Do not click every link you see on facebook be it on posts, comment or your inbox. If you see something that looks suspicious or sounds too good to be true, don’t click on it or share it, but do report it.

Some links, once you click, can steal your facebook cookies and hijack your session. Some are phishing links that can trick you and get your login credentials.



You might have seen some of your friends sharing nude posts on their timeline and tagging all of their friends in them. They didn’t actually share it, but they clicked on a link which automatically shared the post on their timeline and tag all their friends. So watch out for those types of links!

6. Don’t Forget To Log out of Facebook. If you forget, you can log out remotely.

log outIf you browse Facebook on a computer you share with someone then always remember to log out after use.

Sometimes, however, you might not get the chance to log out. Maybe due to internet connection, power cut, or any thing. In that case, you can remotely log out from the devices where you are logged in.

  1. Go to Facebook Setting page and click on Security Tab.
  2. Click on “Where You’re logged in” and there you can see active sessions ( currently logged in ) and previous section ( where you logged in previously ).active-sessions

Now you can select individual Device and end the activity by clicking on “End Activity” or you can click “End All Activity” to log out from all the devices.

7. Set Up Trusted Contacts


Trusted Contacts on Facebook is a way for your friends to help you get back into your account if you ever lose your password. You’ll need to choose 3 to 5 good friends with whom you can easily contact by phone.

If you can’t get into your account, Facebook will give your trusted contacts a security code that you can use to get back into your account. Only you can log in with the code – your friends can’t.

How to Set Up Trusted Contacts

  1. Visit the Settings PageSetting on Facebook.
  2. Click on Security Tab and choose Trusted Contacts
  3. Choose 3 – 5 friends and Click on Confirm.

trusted friends

8. Always Browse on HTTPS connection.

By default, facebook is setup such that its users browse on HTTPS connection. When you browse on HTTPS connection, your data are encrypted and even if hackers get hands on your data they won’t be able to understand it.


But, there are tools that hackers can use which will make you browse Facebook on an HTTP connection.

You can check if you’re browsing on a HTTP or a HTTPS connection by checking the URL in the address bar.

9. Use Anti Virus Programs

There are lots of good antivirus program out there that will highly increase your security on the internet. Your antivirus will block any malicious link that can harm your Facebook account.

antivirus warns phishing page facebook security

Your antivirus program will also warn you if you’re visiting a phishing page.

10. Browse on Incognito / Private Mode

If you’re using Facebook on a public places or from someone else’s PC/mobile then it’s a good idea to browse on a private mode. The reason for this is you won’t leave any trail on the browser’s history. No one will find out all the pages you visited, all the profiles you stalked and the people you talked to on Facebook.

You can turn on private mode on any browser by simply pressing the keys “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “N”


Just Remember, these methods will not make you unhackable but will surely reduce your chances of getting hacked. Following all the above methods will help you in recovering your account if it gets hacked.

If you have been hacked then you can retrieve your hacked facebook account by following these methods.

Stay Safe!