How To Turn off auto-playing videos in Facebook News Feed


Facebook newsfeed are being flooded with videos these days. Not only that the but the auto-play feature has made it even more annoying especially when you are doing something serious on your Facebook or any other social media. Agreed that your FB friends love to share good content, but not those long videos that run for more than 10 minutes.

Instagram users also had to undergo this trouble of disabling auto-play videos; thankfully, Instagram has removed this option in the subsequent updates. Though Facebook had already provided this feature to disable auto-play videos on iPhone/iPad, the feature has changed its location after Facebook has updated its app. Earlier, users could disable this feature from the Settings app of iPhone or iPad. Now, there is some change in the method.

How to Disable Auto-play Facebook Videos on iPhone/iPad

Step #1. Launch Facebook app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on More menu (three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner) → Scroll down and tap on Settings.

A menu will swipe up with three options: Account Settings, News Feed Preferences and Activity Log.

Step #3. Tap on Account Settings.

You will be landed on Settings screen.

Step #4. Tap on Videos and Photos.

Tap on Videos and Photos in Facebook iPhone App

Step #5. Tap on Auto Play option.

Tap Auto-play in Facebook iPhone Settings

Step #6. Toggle Smart Autoplay option OFF.

Turn Off Smart Auto-play in Facebook iPhone App

Once you perform this action, you will be able to see three different options under CHOOSE YOUR OWN AUTOPLAY SETTING. These options are: Use Cellular Data and Wi-Fi, Use Wi-Fi Only, and Never Play Videos Automatically.

Tap on Never Play Video Automatically in iPhone Facebook App

Now it’s upto you to choose the best option for you. But if you don’t want get annoyed with videos flooding your newsfeed then choose “Never Play Videos Automatically”

How to Turn Off Video Autoplay on Facebook While Browsing on Desktop

Step #1. Log into your Facebook Account on PC.

Step #2. Click on Down Arrow → Click on Settings.

facebook autoplay 1

Step #3. Click on Videos (last option in left navigation.)

facebook autoplay 2

Step #4. Click on Off in Auto play videos

facebook autoplay 3

Facebook has been benefitting a lot from the videos being uploaded. Maybe it’s because of that, Facebook has by default auto-play option enabled.

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