Super Mario Run – Nintendo’s first full venture into mobile gaming on Apple’s app store


Super Mario Run was released on 15 December, the game is the first fruit of a strategic change in direction Nintendo signalled in 2015 when it announced that it planned to start producing mobile games.

“A $10 upfront cost to unlock the game is a huge ask and one that flies in the face of current mobile games being free-to-play,” Daniel Ahmad, an analyst for researcher Niko Partners, told Bloomberg.

Unlike the past mario games this game can be played with single hand so that user can have better mobile gaming experience. As mario keeps on moving forward you can use your fingers to perform synchronised taps to perform jumps and moves to gather coins and reach the goal.

The game consists of three modes of gameplay and 6 characters:

  1. Characters:


2.Game modes:


Lastly first three levels of the game are free to play but cost of 10$ and requiring constant internet connection might turn off the gamers.