Hello Jarvis a new AI system by Mark Zuckerberg CEO of facebook


You may wonder what is it all about but coming to the point Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of facebook wanted to deliver a new AI system and can be seen the product nearly delivered in 2016.

Although many work is still to be done to achieve things he want to deliver, the integration of Jarvis as a facebook messenger chat bot as a daily reminder for you one of the first step facebook users can experience of Jarvis. You can check this link if you want to experience it : http://hellojarvis.io/

As going through the video released on Jarvis with voice of Morgan Freeman , mark wanted to built the AI system to assist him in house through voice /text system to do simple things like turning light on and off, playing music of choice, receiving weather report and events, entertaining children ,opening gate of the house etc. He said  AI system will help him visualize his data through VR to help him lead his organization more efficiently during the announcement of Jarvis even if we dont find any peek of the VR in the video release.

It took him a year to give us the sneak peek of the Jarvis. There is still more of refine  work to be done so it can match the Jarvis from the “Iron Man”. As he mentioned earlier that the AI system was inspired by the movie so he gave the AI system the same name that the AI system that is in the movie.

Introduction of Jarvis surely will be improvement in consumer grade products and systems. Hope he can deliver the best of it to us facebook users even if Jarvis wont be part of facebook as per the statement of Mark.

you can enjoy the sneak peek video here:

first video of Jarvis by Mark Zuckerberg
second video of Jarvis by Mark Zuckerberg