How To Hack A Facebook Account With WinSpy Keylogger


WinSpy Keylogger

WinSpy Keylogger is considered the best keylogging software as it features 100 percent stealth action and stays undetected; remote installation from across the world; simple to use; and well-suited with Windows XP, Vista/7/8, and Mac. As keyloggers don’t need any special skills for installing and using, it is certainly the simplest way to hack FB password.

Spy Software and AppsWe’ll be using winspy keylogger to hack someone’s Facebook account. In order to hack a facebook account, you first need to install Win-Spy on the targeted PC. When the target user gets logged into his Facebook account from the pc where we installed winspy, login details including username and password are seized and uploaded to Win-Spy servers. Later on you can approach the stored logs for acquiring the Facebook password.

Let’s Get Started


1. Download WinSpy Keylogger Software

First you need to download WinSpy Keylogger Software from here.

2. Run The Application

After downloading WinSpy keylogger, run the application. On running, a dialog box will be prompted. Now, you’ll need to create an user-id and password.

Remember this password as it is required each time you start Win-spy 
and even while uninstalling.

3. WinSpy keylogger Hot Keys

Another dialogue box will pop up explaining you the hot keys (Ctrl + Shift + F12) to start the Winspy keylogger software.


4. Log In To Winspy Keylogger

Once you press the hot keys ( Ctrl + Shift + F12 ), a login box will appear asking you the User Id and password. Enter them and click OK.

Win Spy login

5. Remote install

Now, Winspy’s main screen will be displayed as shown in image below. Select Remote at top and then Remote install.

Win spy main screen

6. Fill Up the details

On doing this, you will get a popup box as shown in image. Now, fill in the following information in this box.

  • user – type in the victim’s name
  • File name – Name the file to be sent. Use the name such that victim will love to accept it.
  • File icon – Leave it default
  • Picture – select the picture you want to apply to the keylogger.

In the text field “Email key log to”, enter your email address. Hotmail accounts do not accept key log files, so use another email account service like Gmail or Yahoo.

7. Create Remote File

Now, click on “Create Remote file”. Add your picture to a winrar archive. All you have to do now is send this keylog file to your victim. When victim opens the file, all the keystrokes typed by the victim will be sent to your email inbox.

Thus, you will get all his passwords and thus will be able to hack his email accounts and even Facebook account password.