How To Find Out Who Hasn’t Accepted Your Friend Request On Facebook


Remember when you first created a Facebook account? You might have probably sent out dozens of few friend requests. Or maybe you’re someone who likes to have a huge number of friends on facebook and might have sent friend requests to many. But not all of those requests were accepted.

There’s a way you can find out who hasn’t accepted your Facebook friend request. Not only that, but you can also cancel friend requests that you had sent in the past.

This hasn’t always been the case. Because to cancel a friend request you had to go their profile and cancel the request from there. This wasn’t only a hectic process but you also had to remember each friend request you sent. Thankfully, you can now attend to Facebook requests from a single page, which means that you can rescind those friend requests if you think better of it the next day, or even right after you send it.

Let’s Get Started

1. On Facebook, click on Friend Request Icon on the top and click on “See All

See All Friend Request

2. After that click on “View Sent Requests

View Sent Requests on facebook

3. Here you can see all the friend requests you have sent. Now it’s upto you to keep it pending or cancel the friend request.


4. If you want to cancel friend request then click on “Friend Request Sent” and choose “Cancel Request”.

cancel friend request