Facebook Messenger For PC – Windows & Mac


Facebook Messenger is the most popular app on App store and Play Store, but you don’t need to rely on your iPhone or Android to get that beautiful messenger interface.

Now you can Facebook without Facebooking.

Facebook website can be a little distracting especially if you are a busy user concerned with productivity, or use facebook just to chat with friends but don’t like the social content chaos of its main site. Now you can use the Facebook Messenger for PC.

Visit www.messenger.com


Facebook launched Messenger.com as a dedicated chat interface on April, 2015 but still not many are aware of it.

The Messenger site features a list of your friends on the left, with a big and clean chat window in the middle. You can use most of the mobile app’s features from here, including audio and video calls, stickers, and photos.

One nifty feature is the ability to turn on desktop notifications so you get a little pop-up overlayed on your computer screen when you get a message that lets you jump to your Messenger.com tab.

You can also download the Facebook Messenger software fo MAC, WINDOWS & LINUX.

Download From Here


1. Windows Users
2. OSX 10.7+
3. LINUX 32
4. LINUX 64