Can Facebook Hacking Tool Really Hack Facebook Accounts ?


Facebook Hacking Tool” is a highly searched phrase on google. How to Hack Facebook accounts? How to Hack my Girlfriends Facebook account? My boyfriend is cheating on me, How do I hack his Facebook Account? are some of the most searched queries on google today.


While there are many ways to hack Facebook accounts like

  1. Facebook Phishing attack
  2. Stealing Cookies
  3. Man In the Middle Attack
  4. Keylogging softwares
  5. Saved Passwords on browsers

there surely isn’t a specific Facebook hacking tool that can hack a Facebook account just by entering their id or username.

facebook hacking tool that actually hacks your account
facebook hacking tool that actually hacks your account

There are lots of facebook hacking tools on the internet (which are obviously fake). When someone downloads that facebook hacking tool, they instead download a Trojan which will hack their own facebook account!

If you come across any Facebook hacking tool that promises you to help you hack your friends Facebook accounts, you may end up downloading a hacking tool that could hack you, instead of them. So beware !

Remtasu | Facebook Hacking Tool

Remtasu is a windows-based Trojan which is marketing itself as a Facebook hacking tool. It has accelerated globally over the past year and has now capability to disguise itself as an app for accessing people’s Facebook account credentials.


The tool contains a Keylogger that can capture all your keystrokes and store them in a file that is subsequently sent to the attacker’s server.

How Remtasu Works

The malicious tool is delivered via direct download websites. Once a user visits one of these websites, the dangerous Win32/Remtasu.Y malware automatically gets downloaded and executed on victim’s machine and hide itself among other files.

Remtasu Can

  • Open and obtain information from the clipboard.
  • Capture keystrokes.
  • Store all the data in a file which is subsequently sent to an FTP server.
  • The malware remains on the infected computer even when the victim reboots their system or attempts to find the malware threat in the list of active processes

The malware replicates itself, saving the copy in a folder that it also creates within the system32 folder. The new InstallDir folder remains hidden inside the system files, making it difficult for users to access.

A facebook hacking tool that asks for your facebook login credentials
A facebook hacking tool that asks for your facebook login credentials

Most affected parts of the world include Colombia, Turkey, Thailand and elsewhere. In past, Remtasu was distributed through malicious files attached to phishing emails purporting to be from legitimate government or businesses organisations.