Facebook And Nepal Police Saves A Man Threatening To Commit Suicide

Nepalese police officers stand next to dogs during a worship ceremony at Nepal's Central Police Dog Training School as part of the Diwali festival, also known as Tihar Festival, in Kathmandu, Nepal, October 22, 2014. (EPA/NARENDRA SHRESTHA)

Facebook and Nepal Police saved the life of a young man in Nepal who had posted a suicide note on Facebook on Thursday.

In the mid night, the depressed Nepali youth from Jhapa district wrote a suicide note on his Facebook account saying he was about to kill himself.

Right after he posted the suicide note, the Facebook Ireland team investigated profile of the man and informed Nepal Police about the incident at around 12:23 AM.

A request was sent to the Emergency Alert of Nepal Police to stop the man from committing suicide.

Official note from Nepal Police

Pashupati Kumar Rai of Metropolitan Police Crime Investigation Division in Kathmandu, after receiving the message, launched an investigation, deploying a police team for the emergency inquiry into the incident. The division also sought help from Jhapa police to locate the contact of the boy and counsel him.

The boy after returning to a normal condition, thanked police for saving his life and pledged not to repeat such reckless act again.