Adele’s Personal Photos Hacked – Including baby scan & Pregnancy Photos


Wit the recent hacks of celebrities private photos, Adele is the latest addition to the list. Private Photos of the singer and her family was reportedly posted on Facebook.

A hacker stole photos from Adele, including a five-month baby scan and private photos of her son, Angelo, among others. It is believed that the files were likely accessed through partner Simon Konecki’s email account.

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The private files, which also include photos of the Grammy winner as a child sticking her tongue out at the bottom of a playground slide, a selfie of the superstar in kitchen while pregnant and a touching image of her then-newborn son Angelo swaddled in blankets are said to have been circulated on Facebook after a fan posted them online.

adele-with-babyOne of the stolen pictures is a selfie Adele took in a kitchen when she was pregnant. Another from her childhood shows her aged around five, Her management was reportedly alerted to the photo hack by a fan, who saw them in a private Facebook group of Adele fans.

“I think it is disgusting that her so-called fans were sending them around and I thought it should be stopped. They are way too private, especially the scan and picture of her when she was pregnant,” the unnamed fan is quoted as saying, according to The Sun on Sunday.


The singer is fiercely protective of her privacy. In 2014, her son was reportedly awarded a five-figure settlement from photo agency Corbis after photos of the then two-year-old were distributed to the British press.

“It is a matter of profound sadness that many of his milestone moments, such as his first family outing and his first trip to playgroup, were photographed and published worldwide expressly against his family’s wishes. Adele and Simon never encourage such photos. Quite the opposite,”

– The Singer’s Lawyer told the court at the time.