Add A Facebook Follow Button To Your Profile


If you are someone who doesn’t want to flood their friend list with a bunch of unknown people but still want to convey your messages to the public then you can add a Facebook Follow button to your profile. The Follow button lets people subscribe to your public updates on Facebook. Your facebook followers will only be able too see the post whose privacy is set to Public.

I, personally, like to use my facebook profile to share my personal world – like pictures of me travelling, songs I am listening to, my favorite sports team, etc. And if I have a bunch of unknown people on my friend list then they would find it boring.

However, I also occasionally post updates on my personal facebook account that could be of interest to a wider audience with the same interests and I would therefore be more than happy if people who are not my “friends” on Facebook can see these updates in their news feed or even comment on them. So, how can you do that without making your profile public?

By letting People Subscribe to your Facebook Profile.

Facebook has an option that lets people add a follow button to their facebook profile. Whenever you post an update on Facebook with the privacy set as “public,” it will appear in the news stream of your followers.

Steps To Add the Facebook Follow button to your Profile

If you would like to add the Follow button to your own Facebook profile

1. Go to Facebook Settings Page and choose the Followers tab in the sidebar to the left.

2. Now choose “Everybody” under the “Who can follow me” setting.

choose everybody

You can also choose who is allowed to comment on your posts. Just choose whatever option that suits you.

That’s it. Now people who aren’t friends with you on facebook will see a Follow button on your facebook profile. You can confirm by visiting your Facebook profile, and click the “” button beside “Activity Log“. Now click on “View As” button.

view as

facebook follow button

You can have unlimited number of followers to your profile but you can subscribe to a maximum of 5,000 profiles.

You can also embed the facebook follow button on your websites by copying the iframe code. You can find the iframe code on the Followers tab on the setting’s page.

iframe for facebook followiframe for facebook follow button